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IntoME Wellness, founded and directed by Ivone Camargo, specializes in health optimization and pain reduction through fitness training, body alignment, nutrition counseling, bodywork and colon hydrotherapy.  No matter your age or physical condition, we will customize a comprehensive wellness program to meet your unique needs and work with you to achieve extraordinary results.

Good health is the cornerstone of a happy life. It's our mission to help you achieve it.

Join us on an exciting journey to wellness!



Fitness Training

Our one-on-one fitness training programs address imbalances and stability issues while increasing strength to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Nutrition Counseling

Our customized nutrition programs resolve a wide variety of health issues and provide the tools necessary to achieve a lifetime of balance.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics help restore balance in your body and address a multitude of health conditions by cleansing the lower intestinal tract and detoxifying the system.

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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)
AIS is a method of stretching used by therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and professionals. This particular technique involves holding each stretch for about two seconds resulting in improved circulation and increased elasticity of muscle joints and fascia.
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"Ivone has helped me build strength as well as motivated me to add working out as a regular part of my life. She has tailored my workout to my specific needs and watches my whole being (nutrition, medical ailments, sports injuries, etc.) which I think is a vital part of working with a health coach."



Regardless of your fitness and wellness goals the experts at IntoMe Wellness can help.  

Contact us to schedule a preliminary consultation and learn more about our services and offerings.

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