Nutrition Counseling Hawthorne NY

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition plays a role in all aspects of health, including fitness, weight management, healing, disease prevention, energy, and concentration. Your personalized nutrition counseling program will radically improve your life by resolving concerns specific to you and your body, and providing you with tools for a lifetime of balance.

The Poliquin Biosignature Method

Our nutrition counseling leverages the power of the Poliquin BioSignature method. This method entails measuring your body fat at twelve specific sites on your body on a weekly basis. These measurements identify what parts of your body are “out of balance” with the others.

Body-fat deposits in different  areas of the body correspond to different hormones. By identifying hormonal imbalances in this way, specific hormonal issues can be addressed and resolved… And resolving them often cascades into reduced body-fat and improved health at large.

Nutritional Coaching

No one diet works for everyone. We look at your age, health, activity level, blood type, metabolic rate and personal preferences to develop a dietary plan that’s right for you.

Based on this, IntoME Wellness will gradually introduce new and healthful foods and activities into your lifestyle. We’ll empower you to make positive changes in your nutritional lifestyle. Not only will we help you understand food, but we’ll help you explore the cravings and bad eating habits you face. As you start to feel better, bad old habits will get “crowded out” by new healthful ones.

Your Program will focus on:

  • Setting goals
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Taking consistent action
  • Food counseling
  • Making simple & sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Being healthy on the road & on the go
  • Improving personal relationships & communication
  • Integrating new, better food into your diet
  • Getting support from others
  • Creating lasting balance
  • Ease in cooking
  • Awareness when eating and in life
  • Menu planning

At the end of your Program you will:

  • Improve your eating habits
  • Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for yourself
  • Be aware of fitness and lifestyle changes that can support you health
  • Experience an increase in energy and vitality
  • Have an ability to control your cravings and binges
  • Feel better in your body and approach your ideal weight
  • Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life