Nutrition Counseling Hawthorne NY

Health Care Professionals

As a health practitioner, you help patients address a wide range of health issues, including chronic disease, injury, health-counseling and prevention.

While these are essential components to good health, there is one equally important component — how patients treat themselves. Indeed, elements of people’s habits and lifestyles are ultimately what determines their health!

Like you, we at the IntoME Wellness Center are health practitioners. We have worked with many doctors to address the gap between their health care recommendations and patients’ ability to follow-through with those recommendations, in terms of exercising regularly, improving nutrition, and getting therapeutic massage. We also provide a variety of specialized, holistic and preventative services, such as Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy (INT), Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET), and colonics to help your patients.

IntoME Wellness seeks alliances with doctors. Contact us to consider how we can support your aim to bring health and wellness to your patients. It is our belief that such an alliance can transform the nature of health care; we can provide holistic and proactive care that delivers more health!