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Client Testimonials

Ivone has been my personal trainer twice weekly since 2003. She has proven herself to be extremely professional and helpful. In every session Ivone manages to find some new exercise to do, keeping my workouts interesting and fulfilling. I have arthritis in my ankles, knees and hands, yet Ivone knows how to work around these problems so that I still get a great workout each session. Ivone is at the top of her class in personal training. She does a wonderful stretching routine at the end of every workout. I constantly see her stretching other trainers in the rare free moment she has. I would truly recommend Ivone to anyone who wants to get the optimum benefits from a personal trainer.
– Marc F.

During the three years that I’ve been a client I’ve found that Ivone’s dedication, commitment and passion for fitness and good health are contagious!! I have lupus but training with Ivone has enabled me to lose weight and increase my strength and overall fitness.
– Kim W.

Ivone is a great professional always seeking to improve her already extensive knowledge to help her clients. Her body work is truly heavenly and her personality add to the relaxing package. I’ve been working with her for two years and she really makes a difference on my quality of life.”
– Maria A.

I have being training with Ivone since 2004. Before her, I never used a personal trainer. However, seeing her professionalism and commitment as she interacted with other clients caught my attention. Nowadays, everybody thinks that they can be a personal trainer just because they are wearing a gym t-shirt. But not Ivone. She knows what she is talking about. She conducts research and is always taking refreshment classes to stay state-of-the-art. Her approach is fantastic due to the fact that she sees the client as a whole: healthy mind, healthy body and spirit.
– Flavia M.

For the past 2 years Ivone has been doing my physiotherapy which has helped me a lot. She’s a very smart person, always full of ideas, inventive and creative. I also like the fact that she is flexible with her knowledge and is willing to adjust according to the people she is working with. She’s always reminding me to breathe properly. It is a pleasure to work with her.
– Peggy C.

I heard of Ivone through a friend and got a package for body work. It was a great experience and it has changed my perception on body healing, nutrition and caring. Ivone has a great personality and that is definitely another benefit for a wonderful process.
– Michel G.

I’ve been working out with Ivone since 2005. When we started (6 weeks after my delivery), I was 188 lbs and felt very weak and unfit. Now I feel great. I am 145 lbs and feel strong like never before. I have core strength that I could not have imagined. Ivone is a terrific; no-nonsense trainer that really understands how to get best results for your body. She has a very broad range of knowledge in physical training. I highly recommend her.
– Ritu P.

I’d always exercised and had a routine that I followed religiously, but it was difficult for me to lose inches in certain places. I tried all kinds of diets and nothing worked. I had noticed Ivone in the gym with her clients. She was always smiling and had so much energy. I decided to speak with her, not because I thought I needed at trainer, but just to pick her brain. I’ve now been training with Ivone for about 4 months and I realize I really did need a trainer and could not have done it on my own. My posture and back have improved and I have started to see other changes in my body. I feel motivated and am learning a lot. Ivone demands a lot from me, but always with a smile. Ivone’s tutelage and friendship have helped me discover a balance and power that I thought I had lost with age. Today I even have energy and motivation to train by myself.
– Rosina S.

I approached Ivone at the gym because I had seen her working with her other clients. It seemed to me that she did not do the “same old routine” with every client. Instead she listened to her clients and constructed a really exciting workout programs for them. Now, after working out with Ivone since 2004, I have gained muscle and am very proportioned throughout my body. Instead of only working the upper body, Ivone insisted that I needed to work the entire body. Not only have the workouts been fun, they change each time I work with Ivone.
– Stephan G.

Having been a gym rat for 15 years, I never really saw myself as wanting or needing a trainer. Then along came Ivone. Her way of operating and relating in the gym just radiated the sense of someone who was truly doing that which they are meant to do. She’s positive, professional, creative, energetic, and hilarious. She works her clients hard but you always feel safe. Upon becoming pregnant for the first time at 35, I was particularly fearful of how my body and my baby would respond to exercise. I knew it was something I wanted to do during my pregnancy, for both baby and me, but had no idea how to go about it and there is such little information available for women who are already fit and become pregnant. Ivone completely eliminated my fears and has taken me to the 6 month point at which I feel better than ever! Her knowledge and expertise have been essential to me during this powerful and constantly changing time. And her subtle motherly ways have made exercise during pregnancy all the more wonderful. Last but not least, I must comment on the ways in which she inspires her clients indirectly. She takes excellent care of herself! How many trainers have you come across that are out of shape, eat poorly, party, etc. and then expect you to be inspired by them? Not Ivone! She sets the bar for herself so high that you always have something to strive for, but yet you never feel judged for doing things just the way you are. She truly is a gem. I am grateful to have her in my life (and now my baby’s too!) and am sure that you will have the same experience!
– Julie J.

Ivone has helped me build strength as well as motivated me to add working out as a regular part of my life. She has tailored my workout to my specific needs and watches my whole being (nutrition, medical ailments, sports injuries etc.) which I think is a vital part of working with a trainer.
– Cheryl H.